Friday, July 2, 2010

Been away a while...

Well, it's been a while. I've had allot going on in my life recently(a new son born earlier than expected) and honestly, I haven't had time to play any games. I miss this activity and plan on getting back to it soon. I have three games that I bought a while ago and although I've started playing them all, haven't finished any of them. That's really the kind of gamer I am though. After several hours of game play, I start to lose interest. That's said, these three games are:
1.) Dragon Age: Origins: This is a great game, but it's also really long and the ending is just DRAGGING.
2.) Mass Effect 2: A great game, but got interrupted in the middle of it. I will get back and finish this one though.
3.) Warband: A great game, however it doesn't really have an ending. Although I did hear on the forums that you can become a king.
Anyway, this is my first update in a while, I will try and update more often.

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  1. I don't often finish games either. Most games lose their shine after about 8 hours or so. It isn't even about lousy game design or anything. By hour 8 they have shot every fun gameplay concept out at you, so the next hours are really just filler.

    On the bright side, Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2 both let you change the difficulty level on the fly. So if the fights are starting to get boring in Dragon Age (and they did for me before I was even a quarter through the game) just switch the game to easy mode. On easy you literally can't lose a fight. Sure, the challenge is gone, but you still get to play through the story and slap the shit out of Morrigan